Murphy's Law (theunicursalhex) wrote in buffyponderings,
Murphy's Law

Tara's death

I was a bit confused by Tara's death. Not that she died, but how did Willow know she was dead on a show where people can be dead and then come back to life. In season one, Buffy drowned and came back.

I think it would have been worth it for Willow to run down to the ambulance and see what someone could do. I just feel, even in calling up Osiris, that the magick could have been lying to her and she might have had time to save Tara.

And also, if Tara was hit straight through the chest, wouldn't the bullet also hit Willow?

I think it was a very funny trick to lead people into believing that Tara was back, to put her in the credits, give Willow and Tara an actual love scene (after years of the whole hushed lesbian thing, which adds a lot more weight to the word "Hush") and then kill her off at the very last minute. I have to say that was genius. I bet people were very mad at that. Protests in the streets. But maybe people expect turns like that in the series. I dunno. I haven't watched it for very long, just blasted through the DVDs until seasons 5 and 6, I have caught on F/X. And it does suck I don't get to see the whole episode, since I know they are cut after the first showing.

I actually wasn't that shocked by Tara's death. I was trying to avoid spoilers, but the info box on my guide said something along the lines of the Scoobies losing one of their own. If Buffy died again, it would be redundant. Minor characters always have a half life, so I knew it wasn't going to be Xander or Willow, which left Anya and Tara. Tara seemed to be closer to Warren's radius, I suppose.

It also confused me that Willow could bring Warren's ex back to talk to him, but couldn't do the same thing with Tara, or maybe she didn't want to, but it seems strange she wouldn't conjure an image of Tara up to torture Warren, to see her again alive somehow, like when she made Tara's clothes come to life when she left.

I didn't understand the skin ripping thing either, other than special effect. Plus, I know the Scoobies have killed humans before. Buffy killed the guy running the zoo in the first season, right? Then there was the one evil watcher with the glove, I think her name was Gwen. Giles killed Ben. Buffy let that one cancer guy die with the vampires. There probably are others. All of the Scoobies have almost killed each other or put each other in peril.

I always wondered why Faith had to serve time in jail, when Buffy has broken into buildings, killed at least one human, stolen things and basically has broken the law on many occasions. Is that because she is a hero and Faith isn't?
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