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Canon Season 8 Comics, Joss-written - theories and speculation

I am so psyched about the season 8 Buffy comics that are going to start coming out in March. I'm devouring every spoiler I get and getting more giddy with anticipation every day. I'm also looking madly for discussions about what's to come in the Buffyverse. After participating in the Harry Potter fandom, Buffy fans seem so docile when it comes to the future of their favourite 'verse. Where are the theories? The predictions? The wild speculations?  I have a few theories of my own and am really interested in what other people have to say. So if anybody feels like talking about Buffy, please comment here! 

If you missed the news about the comics and want to be spoiled, click here for verified facts about the comics, quotes from Joss, and links to art from the first and second issues. 

I have a few theories about what will happen in season eight, about the villains they will encounter, themes that will be dealt with, and Bander shippiness. 

There is also a theory that my friend, 

blueanddollsome has that I want to throw out there about Bander and Xander's new job.

So what do you think of my theories? Do you have theories of your own?.... (SPOILER WARNING)... 

...What exactly are Dawn's growing pains? What are the 1300 slayers who aren't working with the Scoobies doing? Where did that fancy hi-tech equiptment come from? What do you think? I wanna know.

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