Murphy's Law (theunicursalhex) wrote in buffyponderings,
Murphy's Law

Season six "Normal Again" question/theories...


I am new to watching this show on F/X and I have never seen the six season before now. I have a question about Normal Again, the show where Buffy thinks she is in an insane asylum.

By the end of the show, I am wondering if:

1) This is reality. Buffy has been dreaming it all, ala Dallas/Bobby in the shower. This theory is really twisted because it would mean her view of heaven would be drugged in an insane asylum. But it makes sense. She was in a place where she felt loved (her parents were together, she was the only child, they loved and cared for only her), somewhat at peace (which is hinted at how she came to when she "died" and was with her parents) and probably as happy as she could be. This could be heaven for her, not having to deal with bad decisions she makes, responsibility and slaying. She could rest.

At the end, she chooses to go back into her fake world.

2) This is an alternate reality. Like the one Vamp Willow was in. There are two crazy, one sane. They could meet up later for coffee and giggles.

3) This is a halluncination. Not as fun as the first two, but insanity brought on my the poison, which we never get to know what it is, so it could be an alternate reality making poison, or make Buffy crazy poison or bring Buffy back to "reality" poison. Willow never says what it does. It is a mystery.

The last scene is what gets me. It is shown in 3rd person after Buffy makes the choice and the insane Buffy is gone. It means the other Buffy is still there. You could argue this by saying she was still there because she hadn't taken the anidote and maybe that was the case, but the ending leaves the show up for she making everything up or not?

And my other rant for the six season is that I wish everyone would ease up on Spike and Willow. Spike has fought on the side of good and deserves better to be teased and used by Buffy. Buffy should know better and has also teased Xander in the series and it makes her seem very immature. Spike just takes it because he loves her, but I feel that her stupidty will backfire on her. I haven't seen the last episodes of this season and am resisting spoilers, so don't tell me what happens. I didn't think their relationship was that abusive. So they have sex in public and get a little bit nasty in the sack...why is that seen as abusive? I am so sick of Buffy having great sex with a hot guy and then whining about it. Grow up. Get with Spike and get a life. Stop being a martyr. Wah.

Dawn too...what a little annoying idiot she has become. I don't think I have seen a show where she hasn't had a fit and ran upstairs. She has a sister who is willing to work a crap job to support her. Not that Buffy couldn't find better. I couldn't believe Xander and Dawn were talking about how Buffy's career live was over...geez, not really. Many high school grads do as well as college grads, they work hard too. It just seems kinda they are in Buffy's head...ooh, insane girl...theory 1!

Willow got a bad rap too. Didn't Tara use spells to conseal her demon half for a year until she found out it wasn't so? Didn't she also put the Scoobies in danger by using a spell to make demons invisible to them? It just seems hypocritical to jump over someone for doing the same thing you do and she doesn't seem to remember when Glory made Tara insane, Willow used magick to bring her back. Still, Willow is a bad person. I don't understand it. I am still waiting for Willow to get back on the bus to Boystown. Her relationship with Oz was pretty good and I highly doubt she is done with men.
It just seemed like one day it was fine Willow used magick, like black magick to hurt Glory and then the next, she is hopelessly addicted. It didn't seem like a real leap in time. It seemed very soap opera-y. But, it was nice to see the old Willow come back to her computers and books.
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