The Ultimate Penultamor (alcestis) wrote in buffyponderings,
The Ultimate Penultamor

save the boobs!

Believe it or not, this is on topic!

laughingirl has done 7 of the 8 Avon Breast Cancer Walks this year, the 8th and her final walk is this weekend in NYC, and has set her fundraising goal at $25,000! You can check out her full story at One of the ways she's raising all this money is Project Teddy Bear Auction (autographs and pictures of celebrities who graciously lent their visages to her cause). This is the third phase and it's sci-fi based. Here are just a few of the faces you'll see in the auctions!

JossJenny CalendarJonathan

The auction also includes a Serenity mini poster signed by Gina Torres and a program from a Buffy Convention with 10 autographs in it... including Anthony Stewart signing "Save breasts" and Christian Kane signing "I Love Boobs!". Check them out here:

What are you waiting for!? Support the cause and own a piece of our beloved Whedonverse!

PS -- Serenity NOW! Or at least midnight showings tonight!
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